Thursday, September 20, 2012

recent rob

so today was a trial. i awoke after a nice night's sleep and shortly after that todays' adventures began with casa de smoko. ok, bad spanish aside, we were presented with a cabin full of electrical smoke due to running the microwave, the space heater, the water heater, and the battery charger all at once which burnt the wires before popping the breaker. after a flashlight and some poking around let me know our morning was not going to go smoothly i walked to the local deli for coffee. later on that very same day i was informed by the honey-pot man that our head was clogged and could not be emptied. color me monday morning. so here we are back ashore, able to poop in peace, and readying for tomorrow. the new head tank is on the way and the electrician is coming in the morning. i suppose all these problems were lying in wait but why oh why do they pop up when wanted least? on a warmer note the shower situation is coming along quote nicely. hot and sudsy mornings are no longer a distant dream. happy me. laundry services are still a peak to be scaled but living in a marina and waking up to ducks and salty breezes are definitely a plus.

-recent rob returning to 16

Closet Space!

We have lived on the boat for a few weeks, mid-week, and back to Oakland for weekends. For me, the convenience and proximity of the on board shower is far superior to the locker rooms, so for the time being, I have decided that I will keep all of my work and casual clothes on the boat, and get ready in the morning on the boat.  Luckily, our closets were pretty small at home, so it's been a pretty smooth transition.

In such a small space, one thing that I love is that we ALL wake up at the same time, and we all get ready together. Rob puts on some Ozomatli to get us moving, and tries to figure out coffee (We have resorted to Starbucks Via for the time being - not too bad!). I jump in the on board shower after handing the kids their clothes to get ready under the covers, and we turn on the space heater to begin to warm up a bit. Rob jumps in after me, and then we all eat breakfast together, head up the companionway steps and off to work and school - pretty simple!

The process of separating the clothes to keep, and those for good will was fast, and relatively painless. 3 big bags of my clothes were off to the goodwill, and just 2 laundry bags of clothes came back to the boat. I have one small locker, and two small canvas baskets for socks and underwear, one large canvas basket for sweaters, tanks and PJ's, and one plastic bin for casual pants, and one plastic bin for t - shirts...I know, a whole bin for t-shirts!??!! you should have seen how many I gave away!

All of my clothes on board
The one ratty and torn old t-shirt from my high school leadership program and a dingy college sweatshirt finally had to go, but a few select others were lovingly migrated to the boat - from college dorm rooms and UCSB Halloween T-shirts made by Eric, to the well worn pub t-shirts from backpacking in Europe, to  the many awesome Chili Cook Off T-Shirts..they have traveled from southern California, to Europe, to San Francisco, back to the east bay and now onto the boat - maybe they will find new homes one day in South America and the Caribbean?

When Rob and I bought our first home, we wanted it to be filled with original art we love - and it was! But, most of that art has had to find a new home for the duration of our journey, as it is far too large for the boat.

I was so happy to come home to the boat last week and find a piece of art from my amazing friend Keith Hollander gracing the front door of my closet. It was made for this space. Amazing!

Oil Painting on Wooden Door, Keith Hollander

We also picked up art from Aaliyah's Auntie Marlene, and it will join us for the voyage as a reminder of our patchwork quilt family at home.

It feels great to be shedding the possessions that don't give us joy, and finding homes for our treasures that cannot join us in the space, while making room for small beauties in our space- making it our special den of happiness.

Here's to living small!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

recent rob

well, we're nearly a week into our new floating abode. here are the things worth noting and some that aren't; it turns out that an easy morning shower, and by easy i mean hot and with room to move left and right, is as important as the very caffeine that soon follows. coffee has also turned into an elusive animal. it seems our AC power system cannot handle the amp pull needed by the power hungry electric kettle. shortly after plugging in the ravenous appliance the boy was heard to say "dad, i smell smoke!". ok, one option down and a few to go. yes, this boat life, as of recent, is a few steps up from pitching tents and toasting our buns, both hot dog and otherwise, over a roaring fire. luckily that potential fire was superseded by rae's keen sniffer. so on we press in this latest style of glamping, (glamorous camping, thanks A.T.) until we iron out the obvious, and not so obvious, wrinkles which would also require high amp pull and a new breaker in the power panel. 

the sleeping arrangements are going smoother than the coffee quest and the get-dressed-eat breakfast-get out the door routine is coming together at it's own pace. 

i brought the bikes down mid-week in hopes of a ride with rae and aaliyah but someone else had other plans, hopefully with their own kids, and removed them 8 hours post placement. what?! pirates already? and in alameda no less. i'll look at it as less to weigh the hull down. glass half full right? even if there are leeches in the water.

recent rob returning to 16.