Thursday, September 20, 2012

recent rob

so today was a trial. i awoke after a nice night's sleep and shortly after that todays' adventures began with casa de smoko. ok, bad spanish aside, we were presented with a cabin full of electrical smoke due to running the microwave, the space heater, the water heater, and the battery charger all at once which burnt the wires before popping the breaker. after a flashlight and some poking around let me know our morning was not going to go smoothly i walked to the local deli for coffee. later on that very same day i was informed by the honey-pot man that our head was clogged and could not be emptied. color me monday morning. so here we are back ashore, able to poop in peace, and readying for tomorrow. the new head tank is on the way and the electrician is coming in the morning. i suppose all these problems were lying in wait but why oh why do they pop up when wanted least? on a warmer note the shower situation is coming along quote nicely. hot and sudsy mornings are no longer a distant dream. happy me. laundry services are still a peak to be scaled but living in a marina and waking up to ducks and salty breezes are definitely a plus.

-recent rob returning to 16

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