Wednesday, August 22, 2012


so today the piano went. man! two years with kids will take it's toll on a sherman & clay upright. still i'm finding massive hair balls eeking their way into daylight though the dog went on hiatus to grampas' two weeks ago. still piling things into pseudo categories which seem to be ever subordinating. give/street, give/good, give/friends, give/family, and don't even get me started on the sell pile. believe it or not there's a multitude of trash categories as well. who knew? you single guys out there would treat it all as the give/sell/trade/trash/burn pile. believe me, sometimes a sprinkling of fluid and a match seem a very attractive alternative. still we soldier on. to keep or to store? i'm reminded of george carlins' line; "think about it, an entire industry built on keeping an eye on your stuff". it's the greatest scam ever concocted. i'll rent you my garage and when you forget about your crap i'll sell it. money money money. 

-returning to ch 16

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